HK Disney Land

What i like the most in Disneyland is this!
But somehow, not all the Disney character is being performed
By the way, was "Beauty and the beast" one of the Disney movie?
I was looking for them there, but ....

I been there only for about 6 hours
but, i'd not finish looking around, since i was going with a "old ppl" trip
i got no choice, i have to miss/neglect some of the show and game
hie... hie... hie...
waste so much money but haven see everything there...

For all of you who going to HK Disney Land
you actually not need to rush to buy the souvenier there
because you can buy it at HK AIRPORT! It's same!
Maybe the shirts will be different a bit only.....
not cheap OO!!

a T-shirt, HK$100-150
a Key Chain, HK$ 50-100

that maybe one of the reason we not able to finish all the park
because, we're keep SHOPPING! haha...

I'd step on HK Disney land!

Eventou, lot ppl say HK disneyland is not that nice
But for me, it's very NICE indeed!
You must GO!

*Is this photo big enough?

Phuket 22-24 May 08

Food! Every place must have it own tasty food! Thailand food is nice enough! Luckily our tour guide is nice and cheap enough to bring us to the local street food... The food look so simple, but it's not so cheap..The pork cost RM20/plate, chicken RM4/piece, coconut RM5/each. The seafood, the tonyam, the green spicy soup, so nice with reasonable price!

What i like the most, is the drink called "cai ni" if not wrong
it's actually red tea, but the taste is different...

Night Life! Everyone, or I should said every MEN is so curious about Thailand night! I’d been there de! INCREDIBLE! WOH! The girl! So “SOK”! My eyes were so busy catching around, from top to bottom, from left to right..

Never miss the chance to see those sparkle spot, gentle view. Luckily I’m going with some girls, if not, woh, who knows? Haha..

Gurls, did u see those pretty AQUA? Do you feel shame? Haha..Thailand night is really a good place to “poh” cos it’s cheap, can drink more! The club “18 anniversary” we went even smokeless one, how incredible! And one of the attraction also, there is no “M” people around! ! ! u get me?

So, when u reach phuket, don't forget the place "PATONG"
the place for you and me to search for night life!

Phuket is a good place to visit, and it cheap sumore
for the whole trip include plane, stay i'd spend about RM800, cheap?
but somehow, 3D2N is not enough!
because we don't have time to visit the best island at phuket
so, 4D3N is preferable... 

I'd mention about the souvenir at previous post..
will post to niko and JS.. it's not big, so 30 cents stamp is enough..
anyone still interest? left 2! 

Phuket 3D2N 2008

Yo! I'd been to Phuket Island! Savatikap!
Stay tune for my awesome travel capture photo!
And i'd bought some cheap souvenir! u wan?