Travel is just once a while

Traveling had become one of my hobby recently
All because of Airasia fault.. lol

But this time I travel in my own living place
I cannot denied that, my place is really not bad
in term of relaxing, food, reflexology, romance

Guys, have you ever come to visit KK, Sabah?


My life, starting...
from a family with only my dad, 2 sisters and 1 brother
from a baby to kid to teen to a men
from a normal human to an engineer
time is changing my life, my characteristics

I realize,
sometime not we want to change, but time doesn't allow us to stay
I would say i miss the time pass....
my kid life with old friends hanging around, driving around
my school life with never bored to go school
my uni life with freedom and new friends

I would like to say,
Friends, thanks for being my friend
Mom, i miss you
Dad, bro & Sis, thank you, i love you.

My life,
finally moving forward to a mature steps
to take more responsibility
to be a better person.

~Life is just a life~