Are you jealousing?

Hi everyone, i'm having my holiday mood now..
Jealousing me bo? Or you are doing the same way like me?

OR.. you are working like hell now?
OR.. you were like Ms. Beverly, enjoy her sweet life all over US?
OR.. you were like Ms. Niko, alwasy think here and there?
OR.. you were like Ms. Jeniffer, on her way to Bangkok trip?
OR.. you were like Ms. Zeesiew, on her strength to lose weight?
OR.. you were like me, no direction, no stress, wasting time here?

Tell you, i'm going to have an excellent marvellous travel plan!

22nd May to Phuket
26th May to Hongkong
29th May to Shanghai
5th June Kota Kinabalu
8th June to Sandakan
............. then .................
Stay tune!!!

Thanks God for planning me such a long visits to different places..

Haha, so please don't jealous me.. ok? haha...